Maintenance Mania 2022

Posted on June 16, 2022

Maintenance_Mania_LogoQuality maintenance is vital to the success of any property. However, the job is often not glamorous and the day-in and day-out can take a toll on maintenance teams. Van Rooy’s commitment to participating in Maintenance Mania started in 2007 at the encouragement of Rick Stapp, a beloved Regional Manager. Each year this event is a way to remember Rick and provide an opportunity for camaraderie between the staff at their many properties.
2022 brought a fresh take on this annual competition when Van Rooy constructed a new practice facility in the basement of Whittier Place apartments to give the 24 participating maintenance employees a place to prepare for the state competition. Everyone had the opportunity to practice two to three times a week from 3-5pm on seven industry-related challenges. The friendly but competitive energy between returning participants and new ones led to top placements in six of the seven contests at the state competition held at the Indiana State Fairgrounds on March 16th, 2022.

The events along with Van Rooy’s placements are listed below

  1. Plank Installation: 1st Place - David Garcia
  2. Faucet Installation: 1st Place - Luis Castillo
  3. Icemaker Installation: 1st Place - Angel Herrera | 2nd Place - Luis Castillo
  4. Fire and Carbon Monoxide Safety Installation: 3rd Place - Greg Criscillies
  5. Key Control: 2nd Place - JC Oropeza
  6. Race Car: 2nd Place - Angel Herrera
  7. Water Heater Installation

Van Rooy took home 2nd and 3rd place overall spots with David Garcia and JC Oropeza winning respectively. Oropeza went on to compete in the national event held in San Diego, CA where he placed 2nd in the Race Car event. Van Rooy support was strong, winning a Spirit Award at the state competition and sending five other company employees to the national event. 

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