John Bryan Retires after 20 years

Posted on November 8, 2023

The Bryans

Actually, just short of 20 years.  That was John’s goal though, to retire after 20 years with Van Rooy after retiring from the Army after 20 years.  But, as John is well known for telling it like it is, he told us he didn’t want to deal with one more year of snow removal in Michigan.  John started with Van Rooy as a manager of Community Place Apartments.  We couldn’t keep him from working on the property though and eventually he concluded that his preference was to work in maintenance.  From there he worked at several different properties in Indy and eventually landed at Huron Ridge & Huron Heights in Michigan, near his family.  John leaves a legacy of hard work, a dedication of the doing the job the right way, and a trail of maintenance techs who give John a lot of credit for their success and knowledge.

*Pictured above from Left to Right; Ethan Bryan (Grandson), Eric Bryan (Son), John Bryan.